Mail Metrics Archive

Mail Metrics archive provides a highly searchable database of all letters emails and other documents sent or received from your customers.

Centralised Document Storage

We store every email, letter, fax, SMS and web form submission ever sent or received by your business, in our highly searchable archive.

This makes organising, storing and retrieving your critical information easier than ever.

Access Control

Not all users need access to all of your business content. Mail Metrics provides detailed user privilege functionality to ensure that only the right people can access your documents. Restrict access by user role, team, department or document type

Retention Policies

Every document is pre-classified before being sent to our archive. This allows us to apply custom retention policies for different document types.

Your compliance department can sleep easy in the knowledge that you’re not storing data unnecessarily and that you can demonstrate compliance with GDPR and equivalent standards. Every record, once purged from our system, generates a certificate of destruction. This is document storage taken seriously


Security is in our DNA and it is our number one priority. All information in the Mail Metrics archive is stored under bank level security using 256 bit asymmetric encryption

Audit Trial

The beauty of a centralised database for all client communications is the ability to track every change or interaction with a document. View when it was created, who took an action and when. Full visibility, full transparency