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Last revised April 2022

Mail Metrics is an environmentally conscious e-waste company committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental management and pollution prevention in the industry through the application of our Environmental Management System (EMS).

All Employees ensure our activities are carried out in full compliance with our EMS, which has been based on and specifically designed to meet the principles and environmental policy requirements.

Mail Metrics trains employees to ensure each and every one of us develop the skills and have the knowledge to meet the following Company objectives: maximize resource material recovery and reuse.

Mail Metrics promote shared responsibility between management, employees and suppliers in achieving the requirements of the current industry standard and continuing to operate in full compliance with the applicable laws, regulations and standard.

With open and co-operative communication and our commitment to continuous improvement, Mail Metrics conducts intelligent change reviews of our environmental performance and policies every year to ensure we meet our Social, Environmental and Economic goals.

Nick Keegan – CEO

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