Mail Metrics Insights

If it can be measured, it can be improved. Measure team performance, monitor compliance, and track customer satisfaction all without ever opening an Excel spreadsheet.


In order to manage operations effectively, it is crucial that you understand what volume of work your team is dealing with. How many documents are being issued, how many are being received and how is our team coping with the volume at hand?


With increased volumes, comes increased strain on your teams ability to meet SLA’s. Mail Metrics gives you the tools to assign custom SLA’s to every document type you send or receive. We provide real time reports on who is meeting SLA’s and who is failing to do so


GDPR, MIFID II. All of these regulations, and many more like them, place strain on compliance professionals within your business.

Mail Metrics provides a full suite of reports to demonstrate compliance with regards to data retention, destruction and SLA management


If your goal is to convert customers away from paper channels and onto a digital alternative, it is essential that you have visibility over how successful your efforts are.

Track which clients are receiving paper docs and which have converted to electronic, monitor your print/electronic ratio and keep an eye on how this changes month to month

Team Performance

You know your team can be more efficient. But exactly how can you achieve this? Mail Metrics insights gives you the data to make strategic decisions based on how your team is performing. What is our first response time? How long does it take to close our cases? Are our customers happy? We give you all these answers and more

Open Rates

Whether it’s an invoice or an insurance renewal - certain documents need to be viewed or critical deadlines will be missed.

We track every single electronic document sent to ensure that it has been successfully received, opened and read

Agent Performance

It’s important to know which team members are most (or least) productive. Who is excelling, and what is their secret? Can we drill down into the reasons behind their success and replicate this across the wider team?