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​​The National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) is a legal entity that works with hospitals to validate waiting lists. Accurate waiting lists improve patient waiting times, so it’s essential that they’re managed well. But the standardised processes the NTPF was using weren’t up to scratch. They needed to create an entirely new system that would let them carry out their important work safely and securely. 


The NTPF chose Mail Metrics as their partner for this job. It was clear that automation was the key to success. With automation, waiting list validation letters could be scheduled, time-sensitive reminder letters could be issued, and patient responses could be collected, all in line with agreed SLAs. This gave valuable time back to the NTPF staff, which used to be wasted manually crunching numbers in excel sheets. We also crafted a bespoke reporting solution that generates both high level and granular reporting at the click of a button.

Working with Mail Metrics has enabled us to provide our patients with an efficient, streamlined validation process and by fully utilising the Mail Metrics system affords us opportunities for innovation in the future i.e. patient on line response option.

Alison Green

Director of Process Innovation


Because our solution shows them all their key data in one place, the NTFP now have total visibility over their essential customer comms. They can see the waiting list metrics for each hospital in real time, letting them manage the lists more efficiently, ultimately reducing waiting time for patients. Within 12 weeks, the NTFP completely shifted how they communicated with customers. Maximising automation was a game changer for this organisation, increasing both staff and patient satisfaction.


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