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The client, a UK insurance company, needed to comply with a Part VII transfer. This is a post-Brexit procedure where an insurance company sets up a separate company in the EU to deal with policies in Europe. This EU company then sends clients various bits of information that might affect them. These comms needed to be rock solid, so Mail Metrics came in to make sure they were.


The project was of a highly sensitive nature, so security and compliance were paramount. Not only that, but the client was dealing with the whole of Europe, so the project was multilingual. Notifications and supporting documents to policyholders had to be translated into 24 languages, as did different websites. And because the client was working across Europe and even beyond, the document quantities were in the hundreds of thousands, split between post and digital, so a hybrid approach was needed. This all had to be organised and visible, so a database was set up to record and manage responses.

Mail Metrics ensured that every aspect of this communication project was handled compliantly and efficiently, with total visibility at every stage of the project

Ellen Stafford

IT Director


Our end to end communication and response management solution had many positive impacts on our client’s business. It helped with strategic planning, and streamlined the execution of all communications and response handling procedures. We also undertook post completion and ‘top-up’ activities, and provided precise reconciliations across all channels. Now their business is running more smoothly, and meets all the rules and requirements of complex new systems and structures. 


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