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DeCare Dental


DeCare Dental is Ireland’s only insurance company dedicated to dental. With 40 years of success and more than 9 million customers worldwide, their volume of customer comms is huge. And since 2004, they’ve sent it all on paper, costing huge amounts of time, money and resources. Something had to change, but the task was immense. 


DeCare came to us in 2018. It was clear from the start that they needed a hybrid model to keep comms flowing, so we carried out a full review of their suite of documents to see what made sense to switch. First, we made sure that everything looked the same. Then, we put systems in place to ensure that the right person got the right document at the right time.

Many companies offer digital comms, or post, but no company identified offers post, email, SMS & portal as one offering & their ‘can-do attitude’ was great… they assisted in internal promotion of the project.

David Clarke

Senior IT Manager


The results were swift – within four months, paper comms went down from 100% to 19%. The cost of like-for-like comms was halved. Going hybrid has been a huge paradigm shift for DeCare and a massive cost saver. Better for them, their customers, and their business. 


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