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McCarthy Insurance Group


In 2018, McCarthy Insurance Group (MIG), with 14 branches and 200+ staff, needed to streamline their comms processes. Burdened by paper-heavy workflows, GDPR concerns, and the need for standardised operations, they wanted to enhance digital comms and cut down on costs. Mail Metrics’ industry experience meant they understood MIG’s business complexities, and were up to the task.


Mail Metrics focused on moving as much of MIGs mail over to digital as made sense. A comprehensive, cost-effective solution that accounted for customers’ communication preferences met the project objectives. Digital comms increased, GDPR compliance improved, and standardised processes were put in place, all while minimising IT change costs.

Our journey is continuing, looking for where we can make things better, converting more to digital and capturing that final 10% of mail into the process.

Tony Hickey

Head of IT & Operations


Mail Metrics manages 90% of MIG’s essential customer comms, with a 50/50 split between digital and post. The solution saw MIG through Covid, and the implementation of digital processes not only met goals but gained widespread staff adoption. MIG is working towards being 70% digital soon, and save even more time and money. 


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