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New Ireland Assurance


New Ireland Assurance is a pensions and insurance company. Their mailroom was slowing things down – too much manual labour, too much time and too much money. They needed an outsourced solution that would meet regulations, and to do that, they needed greater oversight of their comms processes. That’s where Mail Metrics came in. 


Mail Metrics immediately saw that a fully automated solution would solve a lot of New Ireland Assurance’s problems. We reviewed their processes, figured out what could be automated, saw what made sense to digitise, and put new systems in place. By moving their mailroom processes over to Mail Metrics, New Ireland Assurance could cut down on the costs of having such an extensive physical operation, make sure their comms complied with Central Bank regulations and get a clear overview of what exactly was happening in their essential customer comms ecosystem. 

Working in a complex and regulated industry the outputs we receive from Mail Metrics allow us to manage the oversight of our day to day print activities seamlessly. Overall, we find the team solutions focused and a pleasure to work with.

Lisa Plunkett

Head of Customer Contact


Outsourcing New Ireland Assurance’s mailroom meant their business got better. Starting them on their digital journey involved the secure automated transfer of raw data, which in turn led to a more robust document composition. This gave them a 99.95% adherence to SLA across all documents, a stunning victory in their pursuit of compliance. New Ireland Assurance are so convinced by the strides they’ve made working with Mail Metrics that they’ll be moving to e-docs soon. The future is bright, the future is digital. 


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