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Mannok, formerly the Quinn group, is one of Ireland’s best known organisations, working across industries from construction to insurance. Since 2016, customers and suppliers have been demanding digital comms, and Mannok couldn’t afford to wait. But, sending and receiving documents online was a challenge for Mannok because their comms were handled manually across multiple channels, in multiple locations across Ireland and the UK. The resourcing this needed was huge. Mannok’a back office handling of essential customer comms needed to be reimagined, from the ground up, and they chose Mail Metrics to take on the task. 


Mail Metrics immediately knew that automation was the key to unlocking a digital future for Mannok. Automating and digitising meant consolidating the entire back-office processing of customer comms to our purpose-built, secure location. This effectively outsourced and entrusted this resource-heavy task to Mail Metrics. We also designed Mannok a bespoke customer portal to enable secure 2-way customer and supplier communication, taking them from post to paperless with the click of a button. 

Rapid development of a customised prototype by the team at Mail Metrics enabled us to get stakeholder buy-in leading to successful project delivery in a short space of time.

Paul Melanophy

Business Change Manager


There was a 60% reduction in like for like costs, without sacrificing any security – there was a 99.95% adherence to SLA across all documents. Mannok moved from 100% reliance on paper to 78% digital / 22% paper within six months, a huge victory in their bid to go digital. By capturing both hard and softcopy (inbound/outbound) documents for all of Mannok’s locations, they now have total visibility over the entire communication trail. Our solution transformed the back-office processing of essential customer comms, and improved both the customer and supplier experience. 


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